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Elevator international norms Emergency

Elevator Emergency Rescue Device configuration as a subsidiary elevator equipment in the elevator of a power failure, the nearest floor evacuation of passengers inside the car. All along, because there is no uniform national and industry standards, internal functions and performance vary widely elevator emergency rescue device, even some products can not complete the rescue mission, but also some products there are some security risks in the implementation of emergency runtime. In view of this, in order to lift the emergency rescue device manufacturers design and manufacture of elevator machine manufacturers to purchase, maintenance, elevator maintenance units and elevator users, providing a standardized Elevator Emergency Rescue Device technical requirements and test methods to improve elevator emergency rescue product quality and safety performance of the device, promote optimal social sectors, netec based on many years of accumulation and technological research practice in this area, the relevant units of the organization within the elevator industry in 2006, drafted in line with the elevator safety requirements, reflecting the now within the stage of production technology and represents the development direction of Elevator Emergency rescue Device industry recommended specifications.

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