Guangzhou BANBEN Electric Co., Ltd. is a company specializing in industrial automation and control product development, production, sales and system integration of high-tech enterprises. The company has a number of automated control, computer network technology and electrical integration, and other professional and technical engineers, we have a strong R & D capability and professional capacity.

    With the security of our customers, our company has developed and developed a series of elevator auto rescue supporting series products. The series of products include ARD series elevator automatic rescue equipment and SZ series elevator electric sluice power supply and other elevator safety related products.

    The company strictly according to the IS09001 international quality management system and quality assurance model to manage, strictly control the quality of products, quality tracking of the product, regular inspection, to ensure the user's reassurance. Looking forward to the future, the staff of Sakamoto will make unremitting efforts to dedicate the quality guaranteed products to the users, and serve the elevator users in a sincere, persistent and upward spirit.