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Discussion about the room layout of the building structure

     Elevator machine room is a place for maintenance personnel to work daily, and there is a certain link between its architectural layout structure and maintenance work. In the daily maintenance work often appears not belong but often had to deal with the scope of work, so that maintenance personnel in the case of the following aspects of these structures Helpless: (1) positive control cabinet space is small, not easy to work personnel carry tools and equipment to carry out the work. (2) the hoisting machine and control cabinet not in the same plane, hoisting machine platform or high or low, resulting in the maintenance staff at check-in senseless climbing, increasing the chances of accidental falls. (3) The room is small and the overall area surrounded by closed no ventilation, so summer indoor temperature is too high, temperature protection devices work, resulting in frequent downtime, repair frequently. (4) The room is set in an open space, too cold in winter, oil, grease condensation caused the accident Yan shaft. (5) transformation of old buildings, after the abrupt increase in the engine room had a flat roof surface, are not followed by the transformation of the corresponding lightning protection devices, combined with the original three four-wire system, vulnerable to lightning. (6) room height is too low or the top of the hill, three-dimensional space is small, the maintenance staff to walk where the chances of causing head injuries. (7) out of the room without standard channel shall stand ladder climb or go window, jump off the wall and so on. (8) focus only on the decoration, decoration, ignoring other aspects of the room environment, project closeout not performed, resulting in the dust, engineering and construction waste too much left over, so that the life of equipment to reduce the failure rate. (9) is located above the rear engine room lighting control cabinet, resulting in the application forms in front of the shadow cabinet, achieve its proper role. All these, here exemplified some, but also some common situations such as these, there are many other cases. Some of them are designed not for consideration, although some are made as required but did not perform due. Many of or related to the safety or related to the machine itself, the failure rate, but extends to the brand reputation. These issues should be said that the elevator has been involved in sales among offers a detailed floor plan of the room after a sales order is an essential step, and further said that the project design phase has already begun targeted design. But all these are merely related to the installation of the hoisting machine position size, power supply customers, simple lighting and ventilation requirements, it did not involve much more. While the inspection, although labor safety department also proposed to set up in the engine room, such as water lines are not allowed, not allowed to place the debris must have lighting, etc., but it is also considered within the professional and focus on fire safety, the other not too much to be limited. So here it is also often overlooked issue, for future maintenance work caused inconvenience and risks. Faced with the reality of the situation, in this work from the perspective of a maintenance personnel point of view, we put forward some ideas for Discussion: (1) the unity within the industry to develop a number of relevant, detailed standards in each of the sales as an attachment or accessory A contract made in conjunction with. Modeled on the industry may be made for each company's "civil elevator layout map". This allows already solved the problems in a timely manner, to minimize the potential impact, but requires careful implementation of the client side. (2) by the national authorities to make specific provisions in the relevant laws, regulations in order to comply with the implementation of various aspects come together. Such as the construction sector, the labor department in the form of national standards, rules, regulations, etc. promulgated and implemented. Conducive to act according to the law, supervision according to law, protect the interests of all sides, and the spirit of the rule of law do advocacy. Relatively speaking this is good, but it does not do that kind of detail, such as professional norms, implementation and interpretation of it will be understood that there is a big discrepancy. (3) cross-sectoral cooperation between the industry by the relevant industry, and jointly develop a relevant design specifications. Such as proposed by the elevator industry requirements, architectural design industry be adopted to make it a special architectural design specification requirements of items. The greatest advantage is that you can eliminate as much as possible to fundamentally adverse consequences, but requires cooperation between various sectors, many aspects involved, is more complex to implement. The effect of this is conceivable. In short order to better development of the whole industry, but also to provide quality services to the industry, we call on industry stakeholders and relevant departments should carefully think and solve problems.

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