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With the continuous advancement of elevator technology, additional features of the elevator is also changing, industry machine factory, plant or related components manufacturers have launched an elevator outage Rescue Device (electric), when the maximum possible reduction in outage stranded passengers time, increase in the daily operation to lift passengers a greater sense of security. As the elevator outage Rescue Device is no corresponding provision in the standards, the lack of appropriate safety standards, so I talk about elevator safety requirements blackout rescue apparatus in this, hope to take this initiate, discuss common in the industry.

First, the rescue apparatus is divided according to their functions can be divided into two categories:
The first category: the case of the elevator when encountered in the operation of normal power loss of power, can make the car run to the leveling position and open the safe evacuation of the passengers elevator.
The second category: the case of the elevator when encountered in the operation of normal power loss of power, open the brake of the car were leveling way through to slip through the emergency unit, the Office of the cabin door opened by a professional rescue.

Second, the security requirements analysis
The first category of cases:
As can be seen from the purpose of the device, the function of the device except as part of the control function selected layer, etc. No, the other roles that are the same and elevator control cabinets, etc., so that the relevant safety requirements in order to lift the control cabinet as the device Safety requirements reference is more appropriate. Terms adapt mainly the following:
1, to drive the host control, AC motor powered and controlled by static elements should be used in one of the following methods:
1) two independent contactors to cut off the motor current.
When the elevator stopped, if one of the contactors has not opened the main contacts, the next time you run late change of direction, we must prevent the car run;
2) A system consisting of the following elements:
a) cutting each phase (pole) current contactor.
At least prior to each change in the direction should release the contactor coil. If the contactor is not released, shall prevent the elevator run;
b) control means for blocking a current flowing in the static member;
c) used to test the elevator every stop blocking current flow situation monitoring device.
Parking during normal, if not effectively blocking static element flow of current, the contactor monitoring device should release and should prevent the elevator run again.
2, the brake control.
2.1, during normal operation, the brake should be kept under continuous release energized state.
2.2, cut off the brake current application at least two independent electrical devices to achieve, regardless of the device used to cut off the electrical current of the elevator drive host whether as a whole.
2.3, when the elevator stopped, if one of the contactors has not opened the main contacts, at the latest when the next time you run the direction of change, should prevent the elevator run again.
2.4, when the elevator motor generator may play role, should prevent the feeding of the motor to the electrical device operated brake.
2.5, so that the brake release circuit disconnect should not be any delay.
3, in the course of the rescue operation of the electrical safety devices shall remain in force.
The normal operation of the elevator control cabinet and rescue devices can be run on the elevator control, for switching the operating control function is critical, that is, when a power outage, the rescue device into operation must have electrical safety devices are still valid condition, and When normal power is restored, the normal operation of the elevator control cabinet back into operation, must prevent errors caused by rescue device failure or electrical safety devices brake failure and other accidents happen.
3.1, according to GB7588 Section requires, connected to the electrical safety in different points on the way back to only allow for the collection of information, these connection devices shall meet the requirements of the safety circuit. Which called for the emergency device for safety circuits must meet the requirements of the safety information gathering circuits. (Eg after a power failure by using a line with GB7588 section requires the relay for the overall safety loop manner to the apparatus, as shown in Figure 1, JJ, then according to GB7588 section of the Constitution, can prevent 14.1 .1.1.1 measures related failures, namely: a) If the break contacts (normally closed contact) is a closed, all moving together contacts are open; b) if the make contacts (normally open contact ) in a closed, all the break contacts open. At this point we can not consider the requirements of the safety circuit).
3.2 In addition, according to Section GB7588 requires electrical safety devices should still be directly cut off the power supply to the drive host-powered relay contacts or contactors.
4, under the overhaul of the control requirements, we need to disconnect the main power supply during maintenance work, in order to prevent the work of the rescue apparatus for maintenance staff to bring accidental injuries, in addition to the need to manually set the device isolation switch, but also deal Maintenance switch status is the same as the first three were collected, in order to ensure the safety of power outage and maintenance status at the time of the maintenance.
5, Rescue speed requirements, in GB7588 no corresponding special requirements, but according to the amount of energy actually spare drive unit and on-site-storey Conditions Select adapt the speed, under normal circumstances should not be greater than the inspection speed and emergency electrical operation speed .
6, motor running time limits the requirement that during the rescue operation of the hoisting machine does not turn or encounter an obstacle traction wheel slip case, you should stop and remain stopped at the appropriate time phase, in order to prevent the motor for a long time stall or dangerous hoisting ropes on the traction sheave long skid.
7, the energy storage device testing requirements, different types of rescue equipment, implementation has a great difference, in one case as follows: motor drive power and brake drive power from different batteries, but in most cases energy and drive needed to open the drive motor brake energy required is not the same, and the voltage level is not the same, that is, when there is still enough energy to open the case of the brake, and whether there will be insufficient motor power, but changed rescue leveling rather than taking the risk of a slip on the bottom of the run or squat; and lack of energy when the brakes drive motor stall can be solved by requiring that Article 6 above. So for the storage device rescue should be a reliable storage device detection means, in order to ensure to ensure that avoiding dangerous due to the loss of energy caused by the device during operation.
8, make full use of the relationship between weight and effort of running direction given by the electronic weighing device signal or 50% to determine the amount of pre-load tap running direction of the car, which can better ensure there is enough torque to drive the car to reach the level layer position.
Switch 9, the other, the host, brakes, door and leveling devices during normal operation and rescue runtime must comply with the requirements of the electrical interlock, of course, these devices can also be switched as a whole.

The second category of cases:
The purpose of this device is that in case of power failure to achieve relief by coasting mode, only the brake control, but not driven to drive the host, so the rescue operation of the working process of the device should be carried out under the supervision of professional staff, general It can be commonly used in elevators without machine room, which is difficult to directly applied to human cases of the use of the brake. In this case, in addition to the relevant requirements of the manual to do when emergency relief, but should follow the relevant principles of electrical operations.
1, the operation means for controlling a brake should comply with Article 14.2.2 of GB7588 first stop means. The device can also be stopped and the control cabinet combined into one device.
2, the brake control
2.1, the use of continuous power on button (AJ) directly to the case when the brake control, shown in Figure 2, the requirements of article 1 of the said stop means (TJ) can be easily and reliably control the process in action.

2.2, the use of force when sustained indirect control button is turned on, in addition to meeting the requirements described in 2.1, but also requires:
2.2.1, the normal gate, the brake should be kept under continuous release energized state.
2.2.2, cut off the brake current application at least two independent electrical devices to achieve.
2.2. 3, when stopping the gate, if one of the contactors has not opened the main contacts, at the latest before the next gate, should prevent the brake again.
2.2.4, when the elevator motor generator may play role, should prevent the feeding of the motor to the electrical device operated brake.
2.2.5, released the brakes off the circuit should not be any delay.
3, in order to prevent the brake to slip in the open hall door sedan in the process of being cut and dangerous form clawed extrusion, the control loop can be set up lock brakes plus security (Figure 2), the specific manner consistent The first type of situation in the first three requirements.
4, leveling position markers, can be provided through direct observation or rescue apparatus electronic display device, the electronic display device should be able to give direction of the car and run into the mark unlocking zone through the viewing port.

The above is only the author's personal opinion, but the safety requirements power rescue apparatus is indeed not be ignored, and with the improvement of the nature of the safety requirements of the elevator, the elevator also requires further enhance the service function, so the use of power will be more relief device to more extensive security features of the device believe will do better and better.

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