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Elevator Safety of

Abstract: The elevator is building up and down carrying passengers or cargo vertical transportation equipment. According to the characteristics of the delivery and operation of the elevator, the elevator control works to ensure that the elevator in the course of personal and equipment safety is essential.
Keywords: Safety of lifts
The elevator is a vehicle in the vertical direction. In modern society, people on the elevator as the vertical transport have become accustomed, and increasingly dependent on it. Like any vehicle, as the elevator to the people to save time and energy, but also inevitably bring certain risks. In order to minimize this risk, many years people have been carried out to explore the elevator safety, safety and security measures to make it even better. Managed to lift a green channel, emphasizing the elevator more comfortable and safer for the production and living services.
First, take the elevator What are the risks?
    1, when passengers enter the elevator door through layer, this case may be due to fall into wells or shearing injury to passengers.
    2, weightlessness passengers take the elevator in the process, may be due to abnormal acceleration (deceleration) caused by overweight and impact damage to the passenger.
    3, is a heavy lift vehicle, its starting and braking, reversing very frequent, up to 120 times per minute; many operating parts of the elevator, how many floors there are that many call buttons inside the car How many will choose layer button; the operator is not sure, anyone can press the buttons; elevators movable parts are many: Each floor has a landing door switch sports, if not the garbage because hinder allow arbitrary a layer of shutting the door failed, elevator will stop running.
   That is to say, an unexpected malfunction of the elevator is very much possible, risks can occur at any time.
Second, how to minimize these risks it?
    1, the elevator operator should be eliminated and overcome all kinds of negligence and mistakes. Learn elevator structure, functions of the main components, installation location and works; Learn elevator start, acceleration, deceleration during operation and principle. Achieve "Miyoshi", "four", namely tubes good use, fix; will be used, will be maintained, checks will be troubleshooting.
    2, follow safety procedures elevator maintenance, elevator maintenance worker safety rules, elevator operator safety procedures. Professional training certificates.
    3, master electric shock first aid; grasp fire safety and fire fighting knowledge; grasp emergency response; the master method to rescue trapped passengers and stop the elevator malfunction ladder.
    4. Lift with elevator operator should pay attention: ① If you must leave the car when the car is parked in the base station, the car off the power switch, turn off the hall door. ② car carrying capacity should not exceed the rated load of the elevator. ③ strictly prohibited in the hall, open the case of the car, with the inspection speed as normal driving. ④ advised passengers not to lean on the car door. ⑤ can not suddenly change when traveling to; if necessary, stop the car first, and back to the start.
    5, when the elevator running, suddenly out of control, the elevator operator must tell passengers quickly brought to heel, toes support the body weight, squat, hand on the car, the car to prevent the occurrence of hoisting or hit bottom casualties.
    6, in the conditional case, the elevator doors should be installed a security alarm system, communication with the outside world in the elevator installation, contact the device to ensure that the passenger is always in safe space.
     In addition to these management measures, passengers take the elevator in the process should also learn how to use the operation to protect the civilized own security. For example: after using the call button to summon the elevator, the elevator control system will dispatch the car came to call the landing. If you do not press the call button and the floor wide open, you honestly can not keep our noses on the inside forward, the pace must be admitted to a closer look: the front of the car or the abyss; if you press the call button After landing door remained closed, would you please be patient, do not kick the door, bang doors, breaking or trying to open the door, and do not play slapstick that broke down the door in front of the floor layer. Layer door closed posture told the passengers: behind it is the well instead of the car. If passengers comedy opened the landing door, and then they may have a tragedy; the passengers out of the elevator when the action should not be too slow, not a long one foot a foot cage floor. Put a full body placed between two spaces, which means that the intelligent life does not bet on the wisdom of life, it is not afford to lose the bet. At this point in case the car to move, the consequences could be disastrous; In addition, the car in motion do not bounce, do not mess press the button. The event of an unexpected failure in the elevator suddenly stopped running off passengers in the car in the safest approach is to panic, waiting for rescue. Then remind passengers must obey the command of the elevator operator, the fastest means of communication with the inside of the car or cell phone to find ways to inform the elevator professional maintenance staff came to the rescue. You must not attempt to escape from the elevator cab security window into the hoistway while waiting for rescue, if the elevator suddenly run this time, will bring you great danger. Remember: the car is really safe space, do everything possible to use the "escape" of the car's approach to self-help is often dangerous choice.
    In short, the lift is a very safe means of transport, as long as the operation of good management and civilized match, they are fully capable of providing security services to passengers.

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