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"Elevator Emergency Rescue Device requirements and test methods" explanation

In recent years, the national electricity resource constraints, most of the country blackouts, brownouts phenomenon is very frequent. Elevator passengers stranded due to power outages caused by accidents occur frequently. Thus, the elevator emergency rescue device has been widely used, newly installed elevator or old ladder reconstruction project will consider increasing the device. Lift the machine can not be installed because the elevator emergency rescue system and reduce its safety targets; elevator rescue device may malfunction or error can often affect the normal operation of the elevator machine. Elevator Emergency Rescue Device can be said to be another set of elevator control system, it will directly supply to the hoisting machine brake, its safety is very important. Elevator Emergency Rescue Device in the country there is no clear regulatory requirements, it is difficult to find the relevant international requirements for the power to rescue trapped in the elevator and regulations, manufacturers are based on the respective standards of production. Emergency rescue device type has a wide variety of applications, good and bad, there is a great security risk, and therefore need to establish a set of standardized test methods for the safety of the elevator emergency rescue devices.

As early as 1998 NETEC experimental work has already begun on the elevator emergency rescue device, after nearly 10 years of trial experience summary, NETEC safety performance elevator emergency rescue device has profound experience. In order to regulate the market, reduce the occurrence of elevator accidents, NETEC reference elevator emergency device manufacturers corporate standards, the elevator machine production of business requirements, combined with the requirements of GB7588-2003, initially formulated the "Elevator Emergency Rescue Device requirements and test The method of "discussion paper (hereinafter referred to as" methods "). The "method" is mainly related to the acquisition elevator signals, elevator rescue control, performance and rescue equipment, safety protection and other rescue devices. The "method" is organized by the non-mandatory guidance document NETEC part emergency power producers and manufacturers to develop lift the whole staircase, voluntary implementation of the "method" of emergency power supply manufacturers, elevator manufacturers and inspection, testing organizations, can comply with All the provisions of this standard.

In the next several issues of "NETEC service online," we will be against the "method" explanation, and you look forward to the comments and recommendations of peers and experts, so that the "approach" more perfect and norms.

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