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Elevator emergency device development forum

Elevator emergency device security features provided in exceptional circumstances is divided into two parts, one is effectively launched the emergency unit, the second is reliably perform emergency
1, effectively launched the emergency unit

Start grid failure is the main purpose of the elevator emergency rescue device, starting out grid normal elevator failure is actually useless to start. Some manufacturers fight the concept of "fault, emergency equipment," but Fudge consumers. Failure due to high level of fault Elevator find themselves before an emergency stop occurs how to make a simple elevator safety circuit detects whether the lock circuit properly invested, "emergency" means the completion of the rescue work?

Effective and reliable detection of a power failure emergency rescue is put into an elevator emergency rescue apparatus main functions. But on many issues phase detection circuit exists in actual use, some manufacturers of products can not effectively detect phase can not start, install the emergency device is also useless.

2, reliably perform emergency

Reliably perform emergency is part of the product on the market to expect. In the emergency process should detect the speed of moving the elevator, to ensure that security is a condition of the emergency unit. Some let the elevator emergency device only when the user acceptance can be moved to the rear door area, even if the product qualified, how many elevator passengers, the size of the battery capacity is not qualified to detect and judge. Lift out of control may occur when a passenger capacity of the battery reaches full or reduced, because it is not effectively controlled and dangerous.

Lift safety emergency rescue, closed-loop control, testing emergency operation speed to prevent the emergency rescue of speeding, is the manufacturer of our customers the most basic commitments. In addition, to provide "safe, stable and reliable," the product is the most basic conditions to protect the safety of the elevator, we plant the promotion of Elevator Emergency Rescue Device manufacturers are to cooperate with the elevator, the elevator and the elevator emergency rescue unit as a whole products, the ability to lift manufacturers for technical support, assessment of the reliability of each interface and security features to ensure the safety of the entire operation of the lift, stable and reliable.

Elevator Emergency Rescue Device is an annex of the elevator, the elevator and the emergency device set up, is a development direction elevator emergency rescue device. Let the elevator during a power failure or component malfunction can be reliably dock at the nearest landing, safely and quickly release the passenger elevator and emergency equipment humane best embody. In addition, the energy-saving device is the future development direction of the emergency elevator emergency rescue device.

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