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Measurement elevators and escalators hoistway

Sales staff also should have some knowledge of construction and related terms commonly used with the elevator hoistway related, which facilitates communication lift sales staff and building design and construction personnel.
      1. architectural design department of civil engineering elevator shaft designed or modified;

2. Lift the plant used to guide the structural design of the elevator and feed production;

3. The equipment used to guide the elevator installation site actinomycetes.

Draw layout principle is to try not to change or alteration of the original small hoistway civil structures. Elevator manufacturers to provide layout design department is building elevator shaft according to the design of civil, can not be directly used for shaft construction, the construction unit should follow the architectural design department of construction plans (blueprint) for the construction, but also for civil elevator layout construction unit reference.

The basic contents of three measurements of the elevator shaft

1. hoistway width: face lift landing door, measuring clearance dimensions of the hoistway side walls.

Hoistway depth: from the Office of the entrance to the inner wall of the hoistway headroom dimension between the rear wall.

Width and depth of the hoistway, each layer must be measured, to prevent excessive deviation up and down the hoistway. Slender wooden pole with a probe into the hole from the landing door of the hoistway wall, and then taken out wooden pole with a ruler measuring the length of the probe into the part. Hoistway width steel tape measure can be, if not into the deep wells, but also directly probe into the hoistway steel tape measure. Note that some of the hoistway wall designed under thick thin, resulting in the hoistway have wide phenomena narrow.

2. door: measuring doorway width, height, location and call pore size, but also to measure the width of the left and right sides Qiangduo, in order to determine whether the door is located in the center of the central shaft, as well as how much deviation. RC reconnaissance above the doorway lintels, general requirements and the wall thickness of 300mm high and wells monospaced, means for mounting the landing door. Each layer beneath the doorway must have reinforced concrete beams for the installation of the hoistway door sill means, if the bracket shall be recorded. Door height is generally left hole: Since completion of the renovation from the ground, lift net door height + 100mm

3. storey: entrance hall measuring the vertical distance between the two adjacent ground floor renovation was completed. Available on a wooden pole layer of the skin to the foot segment measuring station ground floor under the net size, plus the slab thickness of the layers is high. It can also be measured with the hoistway door-storey high ground at the top and the bottom of the stairs.

The top height: the top floor to the completion of the renovation of the hoistway ceiling under the skin between the net size.

5. Pit depth: Minimum level completion of the renovation of the ground to the bottom of the pit depth. Observe whether the building foundation within the pit broke into the wells and other structures, if he shall measure out the size, make a record.

6. wall structure: masonry structure survey whether the ring beam hoistway shall, if required to record the ring beam center spacing (General Requirements ring beam height 300mm, minimum 200mm), embedded parts to be recorded if the size and spacing of embedded parts Note In many cases, if not by the manufacturers you represent the design drawings of the hoistway, embedded parts location has deviation. After heavy elevator hoistway shall be three cloth beams (or embedded parts), the side of the elevator shaft only heavy cloth around both sides of the beam (or embedded parts). Also note whether the protruding corners of the hoistway hoistway interior columns, the inner wall of the hoistway or without protruding beams and other structures, and make a record. Buried member position is determined by the manufacturer according elevator shaft wall rail bracket and fixed position welding, embedded parts of general use 12-16mm thick steel plate.

7. Room: Measure the length and width dimensions plane room, mark the relative positions of the engine room and hoistway, from the station (if any) height under hook height of the hoistway edge of the roof epithelium between open position and size of the room, etc. , but also to record whether the support table and so on. Is there room high-profile and highly size determines when shipped from the factory box length of the room, the emergency stop switch configuration issues. Also note that the distance between the machine beam support table (generally equal to the width of the hoistway or depth), to avoid the machine when shipped from the factory Liang short.

Fourth, the process hoistway general civil issues

1. The shaft is too big or too small:

When both sides of the inner wall of the elevator shaft from the centerline landing door size, and the well depth is greater than the standard layout size less than 200mm, it can not change the civil install an elevator, but to indicate the actual size of the drawing, the respective elongated guide for manufacturers bracket. If the width or depth of the well is too large, it is necessary to take plus steel beams and other remedies, or consult the stent design to manufacturers lengthened the possible use of reinforcement approach.

Civil standard layout lift provided by the manufacturer are generally the smallest size, as is the save floor space, improve the ability to adapt the product. So if the shaft is smaller than the standard size, you should consult factory.

Pay particular attention to the civil deviation tall buildings. Vertical deviation hoistway landing door side wall should ensure that 0 to + 25mm, the vertical deviation of the other three sides of the inner wall of the well shall ensure that the 0 to + 50mm.

2. hoistway four corners column appears:

If the left and right rear side of the shaft protruding column when there is a corner, no more than 200mmx200mm, generally do not affect the elevator installation. But if there are outstanding column in the hall door of the corner on both sides of the hoistway, the hoistway width within the standard range is not allowed

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